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Guiding the Strategic Direction of Tourism


Strategic Alignment:  Achieving your Mission by Becoming Strategy- Focused

Through careful alignment with industry consultants, MSA delivers unique, proven solutions to your organization’s strategic planning needs through a variety of offerings…

Strategic Planning

Without a solid strategic plan, an organization has no road map…no way to know where they are going or when they’ve arrived.  MSA’s consulting team has extensive experience in assisting their clients with the development and execution of strategic plans that ensure organizational alignment to achieve your Vision and Mission.   Contact us today to learn more about how MSA can help your organization achieve its objectives.

The “Strategy-Focused Organization” the Balanced Scorecard

The importance of staying strategic in everything you do is underscored by the growth of the Travel & Tourism Industry.   The Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) reports tourism as a $1.3 trillion business that generates $100 billion in tax revenues and creates 1.7 million jobs or one of every 8 jobs.

Because tourism is increasingly on everyone’s radar screens, DMOs, CVBs, and other tourism entities will be pulled in many directions.  Everyone will want a piece of the pie, especially as travel and tourism continues to grow in prominence.

For this reason, it is imperative that tourism organizations become strategy focused.  Tomorrow’s high performance organization will stay strategic in everything they do. That’s why half of the Fortune 1000 companies are using the Balanced Scorecard management model to provide a framework to assist them with:


Creating a strategy-focused structure that shows everyone (Board, Staff and Volunteers) how they fit into achieving the organization’s mission.


Guiding resource allocation to meet key objectives; eliminating programs that no longer deliver value.


Creating a process improvement culture that breaks down closed-minded thinking.


Nurturing a learning and growth environment that gives staff what they need to keep pace.


Gauging performance against desired outcomes via key measures and metrics.


Reinforcing the member value proposition to “delight the customer”.


Through careful alignment with industry consultants, MSA delivers strategic solutions to your organization’s needs.  Contact us today to explore this exciting management model and how you can be on your way toward becoming a Strategy-Focused, high performance organization.


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