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The Experience Institute


Industry Standards & Best Practices
to Shape the Destination Experience:

The Experience Dedicated ® Destination

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The EXPERIENCE Institute® The Experience Dedicated ® Destination - Industry standards & best practices to deliver positive experiences for citizens and visitors.



Advance consumer-driven standards that strategically align communities to consistently deliver positive, memorable experiences for their citizens and visitors.



Through a collaborative strategic partnership, Mickey Schaefer & Associates LLC and The Republik, Inc. have worked together to define the best practices of the Experience Dedicated ® Destination, culminating in a formal joint venture between the two companies with the creation of The EXPERIENCE Institute®.


Both founding companies have received recognition and awards for their work in serving destinations and the industry bringing new focus to destination brand differentiation, the importance of ongoing visitor/consumer data, and the holistic view of the total visitor experience.   




To develop and advance inter-industry destination standards for service delivery and positive destination experiences at every visitor/consumer 'touch point' based on aggregate consumer and destination data


Provide a framework to solicit and publish uniform consumer feedback regarding user/visitor experiences for destinations


Establish criteria to objectively measure destinations regarding their ability to comply with standards


Provide a structure for destinations/stakeholders to execute strategic objectives that meet the consumer-driven standards relative to the 'total visitor experience'.


In a nut shell, The EXPERIENCE Institute® is about giving destinations and their civic leaders, key stakeholders and local businesses a way to achieve and measure their:


                                         Competitive Positioning

                                         Visitor Growth

                                         Visitor Satisfaction

                                                                        ... all in relation to a uniform standard.



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