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Guiding the Strategic Direction of Associations



Focus Group Facilitation

Focus groups are an excellent way to conduct research in a “quick hit” fashion.  MSA specializes in focus group facilitation that gets to the heart of the issue at hand.  In working closely with the client, MSA asks the tough questions to determine the major objectives or outcomes the client has in mind, and then works together to develop the facilitation guide.  A formal report is developed, complete with an Executive Summary, which can be used by the client to shape their organizational objectives and strategies.


Through its expert consultants, MSA can draft and conduct surveys on a wide variety of topics.  Mickey Schaefer’s extensive experience with market research and thorough knowledge of industry issues and trends offers a unique approach to research which ensures that you obtain the critical information you need to enhance your decision-making process and drive your strategies.

Increasing Attendance

Marketing your meeting or convention isn’t easy.  Attendance at meetings and conventions is driven by a wide variety of factors, including the appeal of the destination. MSA’s unique research gets to the heart of why members of associations prefer some cities over others.  Association members, not just attendees, are asked a series of questions that strategically combine straight-forward questions with psychographic queries that delve into the myriad of factors that go into the decision to attend or not.   The survey results provide the association with valuable benchmark data from which they can devise their marketing approaches and strategies.


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